Our Team

elizaphotowebsite-bwEliza Hilton, Co-Founder and Managing Director

Eliza founded Flow India in 2010. She is a teacher, and an expert on organisational development and education development in East Africa, Central Asia, East Africa and South Asia. She is also a director of Flow Associates in the UK. She has worked as a primary school teachers for 5 years.

Arundhati Mitter, Director IndiaArundhati BW

Arundhati joined the Flow India’s founding team as a learning communications expert, bringing a decade of experience in the museum and culture sector.  She has worked on multiple projects across India as an interpretation strategist & exhibit designer.

Habiba Insaf , Head of Pedagogy and Learning                                                                                                                                                                      10264133_10152368037172174_5398778872491913738_o

Habiba is the Head of Pedagogy and Learning at Flow. Prior to joining Flow, she designed and implemented creative lessons that integrated arts in education for first generation tribal learners in Aurobindo School in Kechla, Odisha, an informal school that uses a self guided curriculum. She assisted the Deputy Dean of Ashoka University in delivering the Art Appreciation course to 3 batches of the Young India Fellowship , one-year multidisciplinary postgraduate diploma in Liberal Studies.

Ankita SharmaIMG_20160415_153416045 (1)

Ankita is a passionate reader and sports enthusiast. She is a graduate in History from the University of Delhi and has a Masters with a specialization in medieval history from the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. She brings with her a passion to make connections of the past to the present.

Vasu Sharmaunnamed

Vasu is a Computer Science engineer and Growth Manager at Flow India. He drives our online strategy, from paid campaigns to creative promotions. He is directly involve is scaling Flow’s business, with a particular focus on sales and marketing.


Waseem Saifi

Waseem leads on the organisation, administration and logistics requirements of Flow India, and deals calmly with the purchasing requirements of complex programmes. As a father of young children, he is a storyteller and has a passion for education and culture.


Sujata Parsaisujata portrait b:w website

Sujata is a museologist and art historian who is a senior consultant at Flow India. She has a passion for sharing her in-depth knowledge of Indian culture. Sujata has been a part of the senior team at the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi prior to working with Flow India.

Mehak Goyal-Jaipuriamehak

Mehak is a  senior consultant to Flow who works to market the work of Flow India and also helps design and develop a wide range of Flow programmes. She brings an impressive range of skills to Flow and a strong knowledge of the contemporary art world.


rjRanjana Joshi

Ranjana Joshi is a senior consultant and advisor to Flow India. After an illustrious career as an educator across school North India, she retired from a leadership role at one of New Delhi’s leading institutions, having innovated and steered new pedagogical approaches within complex school systems.