The Arts

Not every child will go on to become an artist, a musician or a dancer! But every student benefits from understanding why and how human beings express themselves creatively and from experiencing the absorbing pleasure of creating things for themselves.

Flow India programmes develop understanding of how our own cultural identity is developed through our arts and how to critically understand differences that come from time, place or up-bringing. An appreciation of the arts enlivens other subjects and studies and plunges us into the realm of complex ideas – what are artists, musicians and dancers saying about the world they live in?

All our programmes are custom-designed for you, your students and your particular requirement. Our expert team is continually mapping new resources. 

Infusing beauty in everyday life – crafts from Maharashtra

Students from Amity School, Sector 43 were learning about Maharashtra and visited the National Crafts Museum with Flow India as a part of their project. We explored how craft processes such as Kohlapuri chappals, Taambat utensils and Vina baskets have come about and what they say about the status of ‘craft’ in our rapidly developing and increasingly urban world. The students imaginatively explored through drama, the life of a crafts person in the modern day and worked together to create posters for Maharashtra.



Amity Class 6 discuss how to portray the importance of crafts