Language is the building-block of thought. Students in the Middle School are reading texts of increasing complexity, and need to be able to increase their critical-thinking linguisitc ability to meet the growing demands of the curriculum.

Experiential learning opens up questioning, engages debate, develops active vocabulary and provides opportunities for imaginative writing and dialogue.

All our programmes are custom-designed for you, your students and your particular requirement. Our expert team is continually mapping new resources. 

Historical Empathy Fiction Writing at Purana Qila

When we visit the historical site of Purana Qila with Flow India we can understand it as an instrument of time, something which has adapted itself to the many changes of power it has seen over hundreds of years. Class 7 are inspired by historical genre fiction to write their own excerpt from a historical novel, focusing on vocabulary, empathy and form.


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Very interesting, educational and creative.

Sunanda Deep, Parent, Summerfields School, New Delhi

Indeed a very enriching experience. The students and we both enjoyed every bit of it.

Ms. Rachna, Ms. Deepika, Venkateshwar International School