In ancient times, no distinction was made between different subject, and what we come to know as science comes simply from the latin word ‘scientia’ for knowledge.

Too often science is delivered to students as dry nuggets of technical knowledge to be absorbed, rather than a rigorous way of hypothesizing and testing our understanding of the world, that is open to investigation and challenge.

Students need to experience and make their own ideas embedding the the concepts of the textbook in their own observations and ideas.

All our programmes are custom-designed for you, your students and your particular requirement. Our expert team is continually mapping new resources. 

System-thinking, disruption and shocks with a visit to a city forest such as Sanjay Van

Natural environments show us a continually changing and adapting set of relationships between different types of species and wildlife. Human intervention often represents a larger disruption. One way of viewing environmental crisis is seeing how systems in different context respond and adapt to disruption and shocks. This programme leads from close observation of a natural eco-system to a broader questioning of human impact on a global environment.