Social Sciences

As Middle School students start to develop their experience of the different subject disciplines of geography, history and civics, we need to link each new area of knowledge about their location and past, back to their own sense of discovery and experience.

Getting out of the classroom and encountering the real world is the best way in which curriculum knowledge is fully owned by the student, and can be recalled, applied and adapted in all contexts. The rich historical and cultural tapestry of India provides amazing opportunities to bring alive our knowledge.

All our programmes are custom-designed for you, your students and your particular requirement. Our expert team is continually mapping new resources. 

Mysteries of cities lost and found, explore the Indus Valley at the National Museum

For students of Class 6 who are discovering archaeology and ancient cities, this programme is a must to help develop the idea of objects as clues to our ancient past. We use an approach that explores our immediate reaction to an object, our imagination about an object, our ability to connect our knowledge to other kinds of evidence and to go beyond, exploring higher-order questions such as ‘what does it mean to be civilised’?

‘We, the people of India…’ with a visit to the Parliament Museum and Parliament House

What makes living in a democracy different from other kinds of constitutional rule? How does our democracy function, and what bill would we try to put through parliament if we were MPs? Students not only experience the reality of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, learn about their history and codes of conduct, but also participate in their own debates, responding to arguments from both sides of the house!

Exploring the National Museum, New Delhi