Many schools are pursuing a project-based integrated curriculum at the junior school level, to ensure an exciting and meaningful experience of the curriculum by their students. We warmly embrace this approach, and can deliver designed experiences that link to the theme that you are working on that touch on many different curriculum aspects.

Flow India also delivers a year long programme of Integrated Creative Enquiry for classes 3-5, that focuses on the learning process around cross-curricular units of work, taking in art, heritage and the environment and conducted through visits and in school programmes.

All our programmes are custom-designed for you, your students and your particular requirement. Our expert team is continually mapping new resources. 

Exploring the idea of protest and non-violence with a visit to the Gandhi Smriti

The life of Gandhi-ji offers opportunities for cross-curricular connections – from understanding the process of making cotton clothes, to thinking about leadership, the history of the National Movement, the notion of simplicity in everyday life, the values of kindness and hardwork. Class 4 at D.P.S. Sushant Lok visited the Gandhi Smriti with Flow India around his birth time of October 2nd, the International Day of Non-Violence, and explored how an idea can change and be adopted by different protests through time.