Here, There Everywhere: All About Transport with Nursery of Paul George Global School, New Delhi

What is the sound of the train? We all shouted, “CHUK CHUK CHUK CHUK”!!!!!

With the excited little ones of Nursery class of Paul George Global School, we began our fun programme learning all about transport. We started our day with an interactive presentation we learned about different modes of transport, recited the transportation poem, packed our suitcases for the next vacation and sang the “CHUK CHUK” song, as we prepared for our journey the next day!

 img_0775       img_20161123_102426087

Continuing with our journey, we visited the National Rail Museum the next day. At the museum we learned new words and explored various engines and coaches on display, looking out for various shapes and colours. We then saw an open air model of Old Delhi railway station as we walked towards the Coonoor railway station. We ended our journey at the museum with a ride on the Joy Express, the toy train while singing our favourite “CHUK CHUK” song.

img_0479     rail-museum-033

img_0779     img_0482

Back in school on day 3, we colored a railway station scene in our booklets. The last stop of this journey was making our shoe-box train. We collaboratively decorated our train coaches and had our lovely toy passengers take a ride on it. CHUK CHUK CHUK CHUK!!!!

img_0785     img_20161125_100800342

happy wheel

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