Lungs of a city: Sanjay Van

This programme is a detailed cross-curricular approach to the role of urban forests and greenery in city planning. We look at both the Sanjay Van forest and the Biodiversity Park in North Delhi and how they have changed and contributed to the city. On day one we put this in the context of different efforts towards climate action and students develop their own ‘climate action’ as a proposal.

On Day 2 we visit different parts of the ridge (according to the location and logistics of the school) such as Sanjay Van City Forest and the North Delhi biodiversity park. Students contextualise different aspects of the importance of a green belt, with the pressures that those green belts are under from developers and encroachment. We work to understand how such spaces are managed and maintained and how they offer different types of spaces to city-dwellers.

On Day 3 we learn about India’s environmental policy and students order and prioritise during a debate session.