NCR Coordinators

All across the NCR the busy days of school coordinators are full of activities such as arranging and managing school trips and fitting them into the busy school timetable, with the mind-bending task of linking different experiences to the school curriculum.

Taking children out on visits is complicated and involves a lot of logistics and buy in from parents as well as travel arrangements and provisions for children’s comfort.

And yet, even when it is easier not to do it, these special coordinators do it,  because they believe that out-of-school learning is when learning is most natural, exciting and long-lasting. 

We believe that too, and this year we wanted to honour our ‘top’ learning coordinators – who have bent over backwards in the name of children’s learning and faced the challenges of the weather, the traffic, the public, and the timetable to include multiple experiences in a single year!

Pictures to follow soon!