The World of Folklore with Class 2 and 3 of Paul George Global School

Kahaniyon ki ajab duniya mein chalo hum sab saath chalen.’

Storytelling is the essence of making connections with anyone. There are stories all around us and we communicate with each other through stories. Stories or Folktales might be true or not but they have been passed on from generations to generations through oral and/or written mediums and we hear them as tales.

Class 2 and 3 of Paul George Global School went on a story ride with Flow India as they wove their own stories scaffolding carefully each moment in their story through various characters.The concept of stories and how a story is made had the children think, imagine and conceptualize.


‘Ma’am, I went back home and made MY OWN STORY’

At the National Museum, the students explored the various galleries, looking at objects, creating stories out of what they saw, learning about the importance and impact of sounds and music in stories and hearing about famous tales from mythology and Panchtantra.



The students made their own stick puppets of the characters of the stories that had written and drawn and ended the programme with some music and a little puppet dance.

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